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Why Injuries Respond to Rolfing®

No one ever plans to get injured, but injuries can happen at the spur of the moment and without warning. It doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete, a schoolteacher, a retired grandparent, or a young child, injuries are just part of life. Some of them are relatively minor and some are severe, but most need the right care if you’re going to make a complete recovery. Injuries respond particularly well to Rolfing for a number of reasons.

Common Types of Chronic Injuries

Chronic injuries that respond to Rolfing generally come from one of a handful of places. They may be work-related, the result of auto accidents, injuries from sports, or wear and tear injuries from daily life.

Here is a little more detail about each one:

Work Injuries – Injuries suffered at work can cover a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions, but a few that I see as a Rolfer on a regular basis are neck and back issues caused by excessive sitting and strain in the arms and wrists with many clients diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries respond well to Rolfing and enable you to get back to work without missing much time and getting you back to a highly functional level.

Auto Accidents – One of the main injuries suffered in auto accidents is whiplash, where the head “whips” back and then forward in a violent motion. This has the potential to cause a great deal of pain and suffering, but the ability of Rolfing to help soft tissue injuries makes it effective for whiplash and other spinal injuries caused by car accidents.

Sports Injuries – It’s hard to find an athlete that hasn’t suffered a serious injury, or at least smaller, nagging injuries that affect performance. Many sports-related injuries consist of soft tissue trauma like sprains and strains which is why Rolfing is effective. Rolfers can help sports injuries a few days after the initial occurrence when swelling has subsided.

Wear and Tear Injuries - Injuries to the neck and back caused by everyday wear and tear are becoming more and more common as the population ages. Years of improper lifting, poor posture, stress, and the force of gravity damages discs, strains muscles and alters the natural curve of your spine. Rolfing is a great solution to keep your body moving well into your golden years.

Addressing the Whole Body and Not Symptoms

At its core, Rolfing addresses the underlying strain causing your pain which is why it so effective at dealing with injuries. No matter what type of injury it is, once the cause of the pain or loss of motion is restored, the symptoms no longer exist. Rolfing also helps to release stress from the body rather than contributing to it through surgery, medications, unnecessary exercises and ongoing treatments. The entire profession is designed to bring your body back to balance.

At my practice in the Chicagoland area, I am here and happy to help when you need. Be well.

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