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Rolfing® for The Sitting Epidemic

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Are you suffering from lower back pain in Chicago? Lower back pain is a common complaint for those that sit for long periods of time. A majority of employees work from a desk and are unable to move around throughout the day. Rolfers have often urged those who sit for long periods of time that they need to get up and move around. The body was designed to move!

Recently the American Medical Association has recognized this issue and has implemented ways to change this problem for employees. They have recently urged employers to make alternative arrangements for employees so that they will not suffer from lower back or other joint pain due to sitting.

A Nation of Obese Sitters

Unfortunately sitting for long periods of time has caused many people to become obese and have health related problems. There are too many activities that the average person participates in that requires sitting. Whether you are eating, watching television, working, playing a video game, driving, or browsing the internet you're probably sitting.

Research at Duke University concluded that employees with a BMI of over 40 filed twice as many workers compensation claims. This research also concluded that their medical bills were 7 percent higher than those with a lower BMI, and that they were likely to miss work 13 times more than the average worker who did not suffer from obesity.

Tools To Help Fight The Sitting Epidemic

  • Set an alarm every hour to get you out of your office space.

  • Another useful tool that has been implemented is a standing desk. Talk with your employer about using this prized ergonomic option. This can be a game changer and increase your energy levels.

  • Take walks after meals.

  • Park further away from your door at work and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Heck, go down the hall and talk with your co-worker Patty about her cats. Anything helps!

  • Do your best to add any additional activities after work to get your body moving.

Getting up to move around is more than living longer and reducing pain, it's about improving the quality of life into your late years.

For more information or questions about how Rolfing can help you please feel free to contact me and schedule a phone consultation or book a session for one of my locations in Chicago. Be well.

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