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Why You Need A Certified Rolfer™ On Your Personal Health Team

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Anyone who relies solely on conventional medicine to help keep them pain-free and feeling great is missing out. Rolfing® Structural Integration has been a massive resource for people who are tired of the status quo and want to take their overall health to the next level. Here are some exciting reasons why you need a Certified Rolfer™ on your personal health team.

Pain Reduction

Pain is one of the biggest reasons most people decide to visit a Certified Rolfer. When your body is misaligned and lacking mobility, pain is often soon to follow. Poor posture and body misalignment can occur because of car accidents, sports injuries, slips, falls, sitting for too long, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, lifting something that’s too heavy, repetitive movements, musculoskeletal conditions or even something as simple as wearing the wrong type of shoes. Sometimes the pain is mild and irritating, and sometimes it is debilitating. Over time, compensations in the body take hold and begin altering your structure by favoring certain movements and positions. This is where your Rolfer comes in.

Better Moods, Less Stress

Many people associate visiting a Rolfer with elevating their mood. For some it promotes a deep sense of relaxation and comfort in their body. For others, restoring movement and range of motion revitalizes their energy. The feeling of being more "upright and taller," as clients say, gives them a boost of confidence as well. Manual therapy, or soft-tissue manipulation has been show to decrease cortisol(the stress hormone) levels while boosting serotonin and dopamine levels. Clients with anxiety challenges or depression typically have great success after visiting a Rolfer helping them feel more at home in their body releasing chronic stress and tension that has accumulated over the years. Anyone that has suffered from anxiety, depression or chronic stress or knows someone who is suffering should consider visiting a Rolfer. It is important if you're seeing a health professional with either of these challenges to let them know you're interested in pursuing complementary health measures.

More Restful Sleep

Quality sleep is something most people are happy to sacrifice in order to accomplish their daily chores, tasks, and goals. Others wish for restful sleep, but pain, muscle spasms or stress keep them up for much longer than they’d like and when they do sleep, it is interrupted and unrestful. Rolfing SI has the ability to improve the challenges which keep you awake easing your tension and suffering so you are well rested and ready to face each day.

Fewer Medications or Over The Counter Drugs

Statistically, the proper use of prescription medications is among the leading causes of death in the United States. This stat alone is enough for some people to go searching for more natural solutions to their health problems. The people that are on pain medications for their chronic pain know that pumping themselves full of chemicals isn’t taking their problem away. All prescriptions medications have some type of side effects and over time, these can lead to completely new health problems.

Perhaps the primary reason you need a Rolfer on your health team is because a Rolfer is intent on balancing your structure, moving connective tissue strain in a direction which supports better alignment. You may be feeling the constant ache in your lower back, but if there are clear challenges in your feet, ankles, knees and hips, a Rolfer will be sure to balance these structures to create more support for the back. Working through the different layers of connective tissue and throughout the body as performed in The Rolfing® Ten Series is the "Recipe" for success. It is truly a thorough, comprehensive wholistic process with the intention of getting to the root of your challenges. Contact Elias today for help at one of his practices in the Chicagoland area.

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