Research on Rolfing® Structural Integration


More and more research is being published about Rolfing SI.  Below is a reference list in pdf that is available for anybody to download. This is research published in peer-review journals or conferences and makes a brief quick introduction to what has been done in the field. Part of the list is reference to Fascia Research Congress as well.

List of references for current research

International Fascia Research Congress

The first International Fascia Research Congress was held at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA on October 4-5, 2007. It was the first international conference dedicated to fascia in all its forms and functions. This conference was intended to be a catalyst. The emphasis and centerpiece was the presentation of the latest and best scientific fascia research for clinical professionals in whose specialties the human fasciae are central in both theory and practice. 

The International Fascia Research Congress is held at different locations throughout the world every 2 -3 years. To find out when next one is taking place, you can visit

Other Resources for Practitioners and Scientists

Dr. Pedro Prado is sharing lots of interesting literature and use cases also in his web library. He made his Ida P. Rolf Library of Structural Integration available here: or

Robert Schleip, PhD and Rolf Institute faculty, offers the latest research on fascia and its implications for Rolfing SI at and


Gil Hedley has reference materials that explore the human form through anatomy education and in the laboratory at and

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