Rolfing has improved my posture and eased some chronic pains. I've worked with three Rolfers off and on for 20 years. I repeated the 10-series with Elias. He did a great job of challenging my body to give up some of those physical compensations that come with age, past injuries and years of working at a desk. I feel like I carry myself more like a younger man (I'm 69). Also, Elias did a great job of explaining Rolfing, helping me understand what is and how it is helping me reach my goals.

Robert, Retired Professional (Google Review)


I went to Elias after many years of frequent chiropractor visits and deep tissue massages to keep up with the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. At the time I went to Elias, I was frustrated with the results and constant maintenance of these methods. I completed a Ten Series with Elias and within a couple of sessions I noticed a difference immediately. I knew Elias was getting to the root cause of my issues rather than treating the symptoms. I move and feel better than I have in over ten years. I am so relieved I found Elias as I did not want to give up the activities I enjoy or live in pain any longer. I highly recommend his services as my quality of life has greatly improved since seeing him.

- Seth R., Accounting Professional (Google Review)

All I can say is thank you thank you and thank you!

Zenobia, Ministry Services, (Square Review)

As a dentist I struggle with daily/chronic aches and pains, from head to toe. Couldn’t find relief anywhere. Someone I know mentioned Rolfing as a possible solution... I was clueless about it all but I spoke to Elias and he walked me through the process and philosophy. He is thorough and professional— never felt like he was selling or pressuring me. I ended up doing one trial session before enthusiastically diving in for the 10session series (each session has a specific purpose). I am writing this review 2 weeks post-series, and my new norm is so amazing!!! I’ve told many people— if I knew that Rolfing was all it took to reduce my pain, improve my posture/range of motion/movement, I WOULD HAVE COMMITTED 10years ago! Elias is an all-star and gives 100% to his job and clients. Very responsive and accessible. 5-stars. thanks, Elias!!

-Lauren, Dentist (Google Review)


Being a client at the Rolfing Clinic with Elias was one of the best investments I've ever made in myself. It brought me much better understanding of the body and its workings, but more important was the realisation of how much power we have over our own lives with regards changing conditioned behaviour patterns. Subtle nuances brought about massive changes in my posture, movements and sense of well being. The sessions brought about hugely increased energy levels, clear sustained focus and the ability to sit comfortably for hours. They also enabled me to go deeper into my breathing, swimming, yoga and Tai Chi practices.



Elias has a solid understanding of the body's workings which he shares willingly - this coupled with the sensitivity and deeply respectful way in which he works allowed for total trust in his work and the results spoke for themselves.

- Theresa W., Web Designer

Here is the deal about rolfing: few people know about it, and more should. it's like a thorough restructuring of our bodies that go through demanding lifestyles no matter what you do. I personally do a lot of restoring, which takes its toll. here is the deal about Elias: he's a practitioner that has devoted his life to studying human body, and it shows. I remember asking him about how he got into rolfing. he said that after he had work done on himself, he left everything, got his training, and started his practice. that's some strong vote of confidence, wouldn't you say?

- Anna J., Business Owner (Google Review)


Elias is super professional Rolfer who just does a magnificent job making sure that he does everything to take care of your pain and make you healthy again. I know I could not have picked a better professional to have treated me. I've done Rolfing before and what I experienced then does not compare at all to what Elias does, he is so much better! Do not hesitate to hire Elias to get you out of pain and back to a healthy life!!!


- John, Retired Social Worker


My gym Stone Age CrossFit was hosting a competition and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Rolfing by Elias. At the time I was having terrible pain from sciatica. I was seeing a chiropractor & physical therapist for a few months, but was not getting any relief. Elias examined me and worked with me for an hour or more. Instantly I was pain free! I felt brand new. I forgot what it was like to feel pain free for months. Now I was able to get back to my normal exercise & Olympic weightlifting. I followed up by making an appointment few days after. The day before my appointment I was in a bad car accident. I was rear ended at fast speed while waiting at a stop light.
I went to my Rolfing appointment the next morning where I felt instant relief & pain from the shock & impact my body took. After 10 sessions my posture, standing, & walking improved. I felt like I was walking on air as if I only weighed a pound! I also walk with great confidence! I highly recommend Rolfing with Elias. You'll experience awesome results!

- Lisa, CrossFit Member (Yelp Review)

I came to Elias because of pain that did not respond to traditional medical treatments. Unfortunately, Rolfing did not relieve my pain but changed my body in ways I never would have expected. I completed the 10-Series and have noticed wonderful changes in my movements, balance, and workouts. I thought before Rolfing I could not do many activities do to getting older. Boy was I mistaken! Rolfing is an incredible experience a person can go through. Elias is awesome. He is so pleasant to work with. He explained each session step by step. He really knows Rolfing. I am so glad I completed the 10-series and found Elias.

-Marianne, Hospital Administration (Google Review)

I’ve been dealing with different sorts of pain throughout the years. I have herniated disc in my back L5 and S1, a minor case of scoliosis and a diagnosis of Osgood Schlatter’s disease since my teens. I sought Elias after the referral of my wife and the results have been amazing! There’s been a substantial decrease in pain after the 4th session and I’ve grown an inch. I didn’t believe him when he said I might get taller after session 3. I’m walking upright with more comfort and less pain. I highly recommend Elias, you won’t regret it.

- Patrick K., Corrections Officer

In February of 1999, I was involved in a serious car accident leaving me with multiple injuries including a compound fracture to my right femur. Since then I’ve had limited movement in my right leg from all the scar tissue and it has always turned out while walking making it really uncomfortable. I was a bit apprehensive and skeptical after hearing about Rolfing at first, but my wife being a massage therapist heard great things. I felt lighter and my problem leg was moving more freely after each session. Surprisingly, my leg is now straight too! I’m happy to have started the Rolfing Ten Series and appreciate Elias’ work and professionalism.

- George, Grocery Store Manager

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