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Rolfing® Structural Integration with Elias

Dedicated to providing sustainable pain-relief, body alignment and improvement in your overall well-being

Serving the Beverly & Logan Square neighborhoods of Chicago and Bourbonnais , IL

Rolfing® Structural Integration Chicago IL

Welcome to the Rolfing® practice of Elias Limberopoulos serving multiple locations in the Chicagoland area. Someone you know and trust may have mentioned Elias's name or you found him through online research. Whatever your path was he's happy you're here. 

Rolfing is one of the most amazing, highly effective forms of bodywork which reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body. It works on this web-like complex of connective tissues to release, realign and balance the whole body, potentially resolving discomfort, reducing compensations and alleviating pain. Rolfing aims to restore flexibility, revitalize your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body.

Essentially, Rolfing enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, enhancing postural efficiency and your freedom of movement.

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What are the Benefits of Rolfing®?

Rolfing has the ability to dramatically alter a person's posture and structure resolving years of pain, tension, stress and discomfort. The genius of the work rests on the insight that the body is more at ease and functions most effectively and coordinated when its structure is balanced in gravity.

Athletes, families, healthcare workers, business professionals, performing artists and people from all walks of life have benefited from Rolfing. People seek Rolfing as a way to ease pain and chronic stress and improve performance in their professional and daily activities. Those dissatisfied with other pain, mobility and exercise treatments often consult a Rolfer™ like Elias, whose unique premises and methods are often more effective in sustainably reducing pain and dysfunction when years of other approaches have failed.


Research has demonstrated that Rolfing creates a more efficient use of the muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined patterns of movement. Research also shows that Rolfing significantly reduces chronic stress and changes in the body structure. For example, a study showed that Rolfing significantly reduced the spinal curvature of subjects with lordosis (sway back); it also showed that Rolfing enhances neurological functioning.


Rolfing can assist with:

√   chronic pain and tension

√   athletic performance

√   scoliosis and postural problems

√   relief of musculoskeletal conditions

√   recovery from surgery and injury

√   post-rehab recovery

√   post-natal recovery

√   trauma resolution

√   mental and emotional wellness

√   life transitions (retirement, divorce)

Most people say they experience:

√   feeling lighter, taller and balanced

√   better posture and improved stability

√   greater energy and vitality

√   reduced pain and discomfort

√   increased range of motion

√   flexibility and ease of movement

√   increased confidence and self esteem

√   personal growth; expanded awareness

√   feeling open, centered and connected

√   a sense of well being

What Clients Are Saying

“I went to Elias after many years of frequent chiropractor visits and deep tissue massages...I knew Elias was getting to the root cause of my issues...My quality of life has greatly improved since seeing him." 

- Seth, Chicago, Beverly

"I'm a dentist...I've told many people if I knew that Rolfing was all it took to reduce my pain, improve my posture/range of motion/movement, I WOULD HAVE COMMITTED 10 years ago! Elias is an all-star..."

Lauren, Chicago, Logan Square

“I thought before Rolfing I could not do as many activites do to getting older. Boy was I mistaken! Rolfing is an amazing experience someone can go through...I'm so glad I completed the 10-series and found Elias."

Marianne, Chicago, Beverly

What Health Experts Are Saying

bessel 1.jpg

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
Psychiatrist, Educator, Speaker and Author of The Body Keeps the Score

“I've always explored every treatment that I explore for other people. What's been most helpful for me has been Rolfing...the idea of Rolfing is to really open up...and make the body flexible again in a very deep way." 


Dr. Mehmet Oz
Retired Surgeon, Professor, Speaker and Television Personality

"even deeper than a deep-tissue massage..." Rolfing® literally releases the joints...When you talk to folks about the impact it has on them, a lot of them just stand taller. A lot is just freeing you up to live the way you're supposed to live."


Dr. Larry Dossey
Integrative Physician and
Best Selling Author

"There is one major reason to take Rolfing® seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people’s bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing® is powerful stuff."

Meet Elias

Certified Rolfer®

Elias Limberopoulos is a graduate of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute. He has been practicing as a Certified Rolfer in the Chicagoland area since 2017. He utilizes a whole-body approach, soft tissue manipulation and movement education to resolve chronic stress, posture & alignment imbalances, overuse injuries and a variety of painful conditions such as sciatica, lower back pain, chronic headaches/migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, frozen shoulder, TMJ and plantar fasciitis to name a few. 

Elias began his career in fitness in 2006. After having a transformational experience with the work, he later shifted the focus of his career to make Rolfing more accessible to the Chicagoland area. Sessions are offered in English, as well as Spanish and Greek.



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